Tuesday 12 March 2013

Please Consider Donating to A113Animation

A113Animation is a free service - and one I wholeheartedly love running; it's one of the few things I'm happy to stay up until ungodly hours in the morning working on - but it isn't always an easy-to-maintain one.

I by no means want to come off as scrounging for money, but it does take a lot of work to run this blog; I put in at least two hours a day, usually more than that, which includes covering daily animation news, working on reviews, editorials, interviews, reader interaction, and fulfilling my role as Editor-in-Chief with comment moderation, website maintenance and such. We try to maintain few advertisements on the blog, but it's always nice to have something (other than my immense pride, - thanks entirely to you great people reading the blog in the first place - that is) to show for it.

Also, to try and see as many animated films as possible is a little costly. Particularly when we get invited to early screenings, which are, inevitably, in London - the train down, hotel overnight, early morning screening and train back home costs a good few hundred pounds each time, even with free cinema tickets!

I'd love the chance to run some more competitions as well, to give back to the people who make A113Animation worth anything in the first place; particularly after the popularity of our The Art of Rise of the Guardians contest. But it's costly sending out the prizes (particularly if we're sending it overseas) and every little helps.

We'd like to recommend a donation of about £5 (or dollars, or whatever currency floats your boat. 5 Rupees wouldn't be all too useful though...), but absolutely anything is welcome and greatly appreciated. If you do donate, please shoot us an email - I'd love the chance to thank you!

If you're feeling generous or you've got a few extra bucks burning a whole in your pocket, A113Animation would definitely appreciate the support. You can donate via the PayPal button below. Cheers.

William Jardine -- Editor-in-Chief

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