Thursday 17 October 2013

First Look: Stills from DreamWorks' Mr. Peabody & Sherman

2014 looks to be a really exciting year for DreamWorks. Their hotly anticipated How to Train Your Dragon sequel hits in June, and the Jim Parsons/Rihanna-starring Home is released in November, but their first film of the year is the quirky, and oh-so quintessentially cartoony, Mr. Peabody & Sherman. And via USA Today, we now have our first proper look at stills from that film!

Genius dog Mr. Peabody (voiced by Modern Family's Ty Burrell) and his adopted son Sherman (Max Charles) travel through time in the WABAC ("way back"), causing havoc, learning about history and bonding. The film is a modern rehashing of the characters from The Rocky and Bullwinkle show, with Peabody this time riding a scooter.

Sherman uses the WABAC machine to travel back to exciting times in history, also using it to try and impress girls, such as classmate Penny Peterson (Alex from Modern Family), seen in the image above taking a spin with Sherman on da Vinci's flying machine.

"The adventure begins when Penny decides she likes ancient Egypt so much that she's going to stay forever," says the USA Today article. "This is a big no-no for time travel." Hence why you can see Peabody and Sherman running around looking concerned with Cleopatra. (Sidebar, did anyone else think Sherman and Cleopatra kind of looked like Carl and Ellie from Up when taking a quick glance at the still below?)

Check out the rest of the stills below.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman is directed by Rob Minkoff (The Lion King), from a screenplay by Craig Wright. It also stars the voices of Stephen Colbert, Allison Janney, Leslie Mann and Stanley Tucci (as da Vinci, no less), and will be preceded by a Rocky and Bullwinkle short directed by Gary Trousdale (Beauty and the Beast). It's released on 7th March, 2014.

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