Monday 7 October 2013

Title Card and Character Designs from DreamWorks' Home

Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin have just joined the cast of DreamWorks' third film of next year, and now we've got a colourful title card and more for Home! The quality's a little low, but you get an idea of the cutesy futuristic look the film's going for.

We also got our first look at the lead characters played by Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Rihanna (Battleship). Parsons, who recently won his third Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, plays Oh, a banished Boov who befriends a young, resourceful girl called Tip (Rihanna). The Boov take over Earth as their new home and begin relocating the human population; Tip manages to evade capture though, and crosses paths with Oh.

UPDATE - 10/10/2013, 00:55 (GMT): Images removed at the behest of 20th Century Fox.

Fun designs for the film (a little Planet 51y, but hopefully this film's better), a great-sounding concept... if the good comic voice cast members can offset the singers and the bland title, then this could be really fun.

Tim Johnson (Antz, Over the Hedge) is directing from a screenplay by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember (Get Smart). Home opens on 26th November, 2014 (US)/5th December (UK).

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