Friday 25 October 2013

Watch: Two New Clips from Frozen

Disney are blitzing forward with the advertising for their ever more anticipated 53rd animated feature film. Over the last couple of days, Disney have rolled out two new clips for Frozen, at polar ends of the spectrum. (Although, if you can only watch one Frozen video today, I still maintain it should be the fantastic musical, Elsa-centric trailer we got last week.)

First up, we've got another Olaf-focused video, in the form of this little clip called "No Heat Experience." What's good here, though, is that Olaf seems extremely loveable and funny - contrary to Disney's irritating over-saturation of him, he looks like a very likeable and funny character. Check that out below:

The second clip comes via Fandango, who sadly region-locked it to the US only. Fortunately, Disney have subsequently uploaded a region-free version for your viewing pleasure. This clip, called "Party Is Over," focuses on the more serious side of the film, particularly Elsa and her formerly titular role as the Snow Queen. Watch:

Expect to see many more of these in the weeks to come. Frozen freezes over cinemas in the US on 27th November, and starts thawing in the UK on 6th December.

Via The Rotoscopers

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