Tuesday 29 October 2013

Morph's Coming Back! Aardman Take to Kickstarter.

A few months back, Aardman co-founder Peter Lord announced that machinations were falling into place to bring back one of Aardman's first little plasticine men, Morph. The character, who first appeared alongside Tony Hart in 1977, will be on his way back soon, if Aardman's new Kickstarter campaign takes off!

Peter Lord recorded the above intro video, featuring Morph and Chas, announcing the new venture. The studio are planning 12 new one-minute episodes, which will be released online (presumably on Aardman's YouTube channel). The shorts will be animated using Aardman's traditional claymation style, from the studio's base of operations in Bristol. Pete Lord (Chicken Run, The Pirates!) will be directing, and production will start (Kickstarter success permitting) in January, with a July release being aimed for.

Aardman have raised half the money themselves, but are searching for a further £75,000 between now and 28th November. As incentive to get you donating, they've listed some exciting bonuses: £25 will get you some 'pre-loved' Aardman clay, and £1500 will get you your own personalised Morph figure! Check out further reward details below.

Here's the general outline for how the process will work:
"We want to work with you to make the episodes you want to watch, so all levels of backers will have access to a private production blog. From here you’ll be able to follow the production from its beginnings in script, to storyboards, animatics, animation and release, but more importantly than this, we want to invite you to comment, vote and submit ideas as we go along that will shape the final episodes.
Additionally, if you’d like to pledge more to the production, we've got a host of exclusive goodies to offer - from crew t-shirts and special edition prints, up to studio tours and your very own Morph models. I'm extremely excited - we've never opened up our studio in this way before and I hope you all find something suitable as a memento of your contribution to the project."
Check out the Kickstarter page below!

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