Thursday 30 May 2013

Monsters University: Final Trailer and New Clips

With less than a month to go until the US release of Pixar's fourteenth feature film, promotion for Monsters University is reaching an exciting zenith. Over the last few days we've got a series of new clips for the film, and today we got its final trailer, boasting a lot of new footage and a look at the film's emotional core.

The beautiful new trailer is above, and a series of fun new clips are below as well. And be sure to check out this promo we got a few days ago, too. Beware spoilers though.

This one (below), debuted exclusively on, comes complete with an interview with producer Kori Rae. It's out first in-action look at Johnny Wortington, the character voiced by Nathan Fillion (Firefly)

The final clip is in German, but might suggest how Mike and Sulley get in enough trouble to get kicked off the scare course.

Monsters University hits US cinemas on 21st of next month, and UK ones on 12th July.

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