Thursday 23 May 2013

Leaked Frozen Images Seem to Confirm Character Designs

Internet leakers continue to provide a better marketing campaign for Frozen than Disney. Today, images surfaced online which seem to confirm the designs of the film's central sisters, Anna and Elsa, that we glimpsed in the fake posters released a few months back.

The leaked display comes via the Tumblr of someone who recently toured Disney, and features concept art and large cutouts of Anna, and Olaf the snowman. Notably, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) is looking decidedly less Rapunzel-ish in this shot - and rather adorable.

The display also provides our first look at a CG Olaf, who looks to be the film's comic relief character. Olaf is voiced by Josh Gad, who recently played Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the Ashton Kutcher-starring Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS. The cast also includes Glee's Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff. Original songs are being composed by husband-and-wife team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Winnie the Pooh), while the score is composed by Paperman's Christophe Beck.

Interestingly, The Rotoscopers point out, an official Disney Facebook page, Disney Reads, also posted the above publicity shot for the movie, using the exact same character models from the fake posters. The image has since been removed.

Expect the actual marketing for Frozen to amp up significantly in the coming months, after the eventual teaser that will precede Monsters University next month. This is certainly shaping up to be another Tangled-quality film for the studio - now if they'd only treat it as such. Frozen is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and hits cinemas on 27th November (US)/6th December (UK).


  1. Kotomi Ichinose24 May 2013 at 03:55

    I'm surprised Disney has been so quiet about this movie. I suppose it's part of there marketing scheme-- they probably don't want to take away attention of Monsters U. I'll be interested in seeing the teaser when it comes out. Is the teaser premiering before M.U. for sure?

  2. It really is shockingly lacking. I mean, I have no doubts that they'll push it like hell through the winter, but they should've at least been getting it into the public consciousness before now!

    Disney haven't officially said so, but it's a safe bet.

  3. Valid point! Gotta cater to the nimrods, haha!