Saturday 4 May 2013

Byron Howard Directing Top-Secret New Disney Film; To Star Jason Bateman

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Byron Howard (Bolt, Tangled) is hard at work on a brand new, top-secret animated film for Disney. No details about the film are known at the time, other than the fact that, according to THR's sources, it's an "untitled animal comedy that does not yet have a release date," which Jason Bateman is in talks to lend his voice to.

Bateman, who has starred in films such as Juno and will next appear on Netflix's resurgence of Arrested Development, hasn't voiced a character in a feature animated film before - but certainly has the comic chops and inherent likeability to pull it off. Howard, likewise, would be facing firsts on the project, having not directed a feature solo before.

It's certainly an exciting prospect, and this - when slotted in with Frozen this winter, Big Hero 6 next year, a new Ron & John film on the horizon and a desired Wreck-It Ralph sequel - means Disney have got a hell of an exciting upcoming slate.


  1. Munir Abedrabbo4 May 2013 at 04:09

    These are amazing news! I love Arrested Development and I love Disney Animation so I don't see any bad outcome here :)

  2. I'm super happy too! He definitely has the comic voice for it

  3. Just slot Will Arnett and David Cross in there too, and it'll be perfect!