Saturday 15 June 2013

New Monsters University Clips Highlight Friendships and Characters

Here's two more new clips from Pixar's upcoming prequel, Monsters University. It's pre-established that Monsters U starts off with Sulley and Mike as rivals, obviously we know that they'll eventually become best buds, but this film tells the story of how they arrive at that state. The first new clip seems to show the first stage of that, at first reluctant, friendship.

The second clip introduces three of the film's new characters, twins Terri and Terry, and the fluff-tastic and bizarre Art. Mike, Sulley, these three and the rest of their Oozma Kappa compatriots will pop into cinemas very shortly.

With Monsters University hitting US cinemas a week yesterday, expect to see a lot more very soon. The film doesn't hit the UK, though, until 12th July.

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