Thursday 6 June 2013

Monsters U Bits: Nathan Fillion, Clips and Concept Art

Here's a shocker: Once again, Disney and Pixar are besieging us with endless Monsters University bric-√†-bra. Be warned when watching and reading things here; if you don't want to indulge in any spoilers, then run while you still can. Okay? Then let's proceed.

Pixarian Chris Chua tweeted out this cool interview with Firefly's Nathan Fillion, who will be playing jockstraordinaire Johnny Worthington, president of Oozma Kappa's rival fraternity, Roar Omega Roar, in Monsters University. Given how much people love Nathan, and the interview's relative spoiler-less-ness, you should probably give this one a watch.

The rest comes from Pixar Post, who bring us a lot of great stuff. First up, a whole bunch of new concept art for the film. As you can imagine, it's all gorgeous: colourful, fun and more. My favourite piece is the one of the OK one at the top of the post. Check out the gallery below.

Those Pixar Posters are clearly generous folks, because they also brought us a couple of cool new clips! The first mashes together a bunch of TV spots, and although you may get a little bored of hearing "Disney Pixar's Monsters University! It's a fun little promo.

This clip actually came out last week, and features Monsters U's scary Dean, the Helen Mirren-voiced Dean Hardscrabble, setting the scarers an ultimatum.

And finally, here's an animation scene progression of a shot from near the start of the movie. Again, it gives a great insight as to how much work goes into these films - and it's pretty.

Monsters University hits US on 21st June; it arrives in the UK on 12th July. Yet the wait is seeming longer and longer.

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