Wednesday 26 June 2013

Pictures of the Day: Infographics Break Down Prequels and Power

Today we've got two cool (and massive) infographics for you. To save on the length of this post, I'll just link you.

The first is in honour of Pixar's Monsters University and explores the ups and downs of previous Hollywood prequels, including The Phantom menace, The Godfather Part II and The Hobbit. Check out that mammoth infographic here.

The second explores "The Power Behind Your Favorite Films" and highlights the feasibility (or infeasibility, actually) of some of the big screen's most famous outings. Alongside Superman and Back to the Future, this includes three Pixar films' rather outlandish premises: WALL-E, Monsters, Inc. and Up (pictured at the top). Check that one out here.

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