Tuesday 18 June 2013

[UPDATED] Watch: First Frozen Teaser Trailer

Disney have finally thawed the ice on their winter animated release, and the first trailer for Frozen is now online. Following directly on the back of the stills we saw from the film yesterday, this first trailer (just a teaser, actually) shows reindeer Sven and snowman Olaf competing for Olaf's carrot nose.

The animation is stunning, the music is fun and the teaser is generally very funny, but, this late in the game, I really would have rather saw a full length theatrical trailer from Disney. Hopefully they'll be quicker off the mark getting that out than they have been with the teaser.

UPDATE - 18/06/2013, 21:58 (GMT): We may not have to wait all too long for that theatrical trailer after all. We tweeted co-director Jennifer Lee, asking when the longer trailer might appear, and she replied. See the tweet embed below:

Frozen hits cinemas on 27th November (US)/6th December (UK). 

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