Friday 21 June 2013

Watch: Free Birds Trailer

This is the first time we've mentioned Free Birds (formerly Turkeys) on A113Animation, and likely the last. The film occurs from the flawed thought that American audiences want to feel guilty about eating Turkey on Thanksgiving, and achieves that by sending time-travellin' turkeys Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson back in time 400 years to the first Thanksgiving.

The first trailer is now up on iTunes Movie Trailers, and, well, there's a kind of funny cranberry sauce joke...

The film does pack quite a bit of star wattage though, also starring Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) and George Takei; it's directed by Horton Hears a Who's Jimmy Hayward and comes from newbie studio, Reel FX.

Free Birds flies into cinemas on 1st November in the US, 29th in the UK.

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