Sunday 30 June 2013

This Week on A113Animation (24th - 30th June, 2013)

While news wasn't particularly heavy this week, we did have a lot of cool blog content for you. As well as the 24th week of Munir's Disney Retrospective, we had the 2nd week of Damien's final Futurama countdown; Mayra reviewed My Neighbor Totoro on Blu-ray; I posted an list of 5 animated sequels that should get made; not to mention that episode 2 of the A113Animation Podcast finally came online. That, in addition to a trailer, some clips and featurettes, more release date news and some good ole Pixar stuff, mean this was still a pretty fun week here on A113Animation.


Trailer for Ghibli's The Wind Rises: Studio Ghibli's latest film may be nowhere to be seen on the radar of worldwide cinemas, but it's drawing very close to opening in Japan. As such, the studio finally released the first look at footage from Hayao Miyazaki's return to directing this week. Beautiful animation and lilting music offset the rather frenetic, packed screens of Japanese TV ads, and you can check the trailer out for yourself here.
Another new Marvel film dated; Branagh's Cinderella due 2015: Disney are on a release date-setting roll at the moment; after announcing dates for eight Disney and Pixar animated films, and untitled Marvel ones, in the previous weeks, the Studio has now set two more aside. Kenneth Branagh's Lily James and Richard Madden-starring live action Cinderella is due on 13th March, 2015, and another untitled Marvel film is set for 8th July, 2016. Check out the coverage here and hit the comments section to let us know what you think all these untitled Marvel films might be.

A pair of movie-packed infographics: Earlier in the week we shared two infographics: one, inspired by the release of Monsters University, looking at the best and worst movie prequels of all time; the other explored "The Power Behind Your Favorite Films", breaking down how realistic the worlds of Star Trek, Superman and even animated ones like Monsters, Inc. and Up are. Check the links to the two massive infographics out here.

Behind the sound of Monsters U: With Pixar's latest out, a bunch of featurettes detailing the behind-the-scenes workings that made the film possible are making their way online. This latest one focuses on some of the unsung heroes of animation, the sound designers who make everything sound so great - not something that often gets as much notice as, say, the look. Watch the interesting video here.
New foodimal featurette for Cloudy 2: Sony this week gave us a more in-depth look at a key aspect of their sequel to 2009's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This latest featurette introduces some of the key 'foodimals', the punnily named living food concoctions that Flint's FLDSMDFR has actually created. So, to see more about shrimpanzees, cheespiders and the film's directors talking about where Cloudy 2 picks up in relation to the first film, head on over here.
New clips for Turbo: DreamWorks' latest film tells the tale of a common garden snail who becomes decidely less common when a freak accident superchargers him and gives him the speed to chase his dreams of being a racer. The execution, it seems from two new clips released this week, is very similar to Cars. That worrying over-similarity aside, the animation is gorgeous. Judge the clips for yourself here.

Ed Catmull talks Pixar sequels: Pixar's president spoke to BuzzFeed this week and directly acknowledged the claim that Pixar have been making too many sequels as of late (a claim we hear aren't bothered about, given they'd made only one before all this, we'd say they're intitled to a few). Catmull said we can expect less all at once in the future, promising "an original film a year," but also adding that sequels will likely be coming "every other year". Check out the full post and what exactly it means here.


Munir's Disney Retrospective - The Fox and the Hound: This week, Munir's Disney Retrospective introduced us to the Dark Era of Walt Disney Animation Studios (check out the intro post here), a time of great artistic struggles for the studio. But we start off in this age with a rather positive review of The Fox and the Hound, which he says is able to "charm viewers of all ages". Check out the review here.
Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 2: A113Animation's newest feature continues into its second week, as Damien counts down the final series of Futurama with weekly mini-reviews. This week's episode was a parody of Spielberg's E.T., and, although not a great episode, Damien clarified that "average Futurama is still better than most other animated TV shows." Check out the full review here.


My Neighbor Totoro Blu-ray review: Our resident Ghibli gal, Mayra, reviewed the HD re-release of one of the studio's best-loved classics this week, My Neighbor Totoro. The film was recently released with a swarm of new bonus features on Blu-ray disc, and, not so shockingly, comes well reviewed from this site. Check out the review here.


The A113Animation Podcast - Episode 2: Epic: After a long period of editing, the second episode of our very own podcast finally hit the web this Monday. Although Damien was absent this time round, Munir and I still discussed hot animation topics, the latest series of Arrested Development and Blue Sky Studios' Epic! Episode 3 of the show will be out next month, disucssing Monsters University (it's not out in the UK and France until July). Until then, check out episode 2 and its full show notes here.


5 Animated Films That Should Have Sequels: Also, just today I offered up my thoughts on which 5 animated films I think are most deserving of sequels. I assess what made the first films so great, why a sequel hasn't happened yet, why one should happen, and how likely it is that it ever will. And yes, you guessed it, The Incredibles 2 is on there. Check out the list here and let us know your own in the comments.

Also, check out my latest article for MoviePilot: Rebooters of the Lost Ark: Casting an Indiana Jones Reboot

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