Thursday 29 August 2013

Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 11

First you can check what happened last week on Futurama, A Swan Song: Week 10. And then, there is this lightly-spoilery mini-review.

Stench and Stenchibility
Not The Episode With The Dead Dog

John Zoidberg doesn't have a history of great success with women. But after another disappointment, he meets Marianne, who happens to be perfect for him: she was born with no sense of smell. So she doesn't know that Zoidberg stinks like "Comic-Con on a submarine". But there is a cure that could give Marianne a sense of smell. Will Zoidberg do the surgery, even if it means his relationship with the girl would end there? Meanwhile, Bender participates in a dance contest.
It's a weird episode. Not because of what happens; Futurama has already given us way weirder storylines. What bothers me here is that the two plots are not connected in any way. It's almost like two mini-episodes happening at the same time. The Zoidberg storyline is clearly the best, most interesting and ultimately sweetest of the two. The Bender B-plot is really all played for laughs, but it's not even as funny as the Zoidberg story. All in all, I'd still say it's a good episode, thanks to the closure it gives to our favourite Decapodian doctor.
Favourite Quote
Zindy: "I'm sorry, Zoidberg. I can't see you anymore. Something's come up. It's vomit!"

1 episode left…

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