Saturday 31 August 2013

The A113Animation Podcast, Episode 4 - D23 and Despicable Me 2

Episode 4 of the A113Animation Podcast is a biggie - and you can download and/or listen to it right now! Our cast of co-hosts is once again in rotation, and joining William this week are Munir, Damien and, making her podcast debut, our Studio Ghibli writer, Mayra! This was a double feature episode, and in place of our normal news section, the four of us discussed solely the big animation news from Disney's D23 expo. Our film this week is Illumination Entertainment's minion-packed sequel, Despicable Me 2. As per, there's a bit of off-topic talk, with some discussion of the newest episodes of Breaking Bad, and the announcement of the twelfth Doctor. Forewarning, if you're listening to the podcast with youngish kids, there is some rather choice language, particularly in the Breaking Bad section - no F-bombs though.

As usual, enjoy the show, get in touch and, if you're particularly moved by the show, you could always help us out by heading on over to our Support page. The episode is available on Podomatic now, and will be appearing in our iTunes feed and Stitcher playlist very soon.

D23 Expo Recap [00:01:38]
  • Here's our full coverage of all the big animation news to come out of Disney's D23 Expo earlier in the month:
  • Party Central, Pixar's upcoming Monsters University short film, will be attached to The Good Dinosaur next year.
    • Damien's not too happy about that.
    • Hopefully resolves the closure problem we had with Monsters University.
  • The Good Dinosaur cast, plot details and concept art conversation.
  • Inside Out cast, plot recap and general praise.
    • We're all extremely excited for this.
    • We're getting an Osmosis Jones vibe from this.
    • "Hard to wrap your head around. No pun intended."
    • Is Bill Hader trying to usurp John Ratzenberger's 'lucky charm' mantle?
  • Finding Dory cast, production recap, etc...
    • We have varied opinions on John Carter, but we're all glad to have Andrew Stanton back in animation.
    • Pixar are apparently changing the ending to the film after seeing Blackfish
      • Pixar don't want this to be their Song of the South.
    • Our rebuttal to the senseless Pixar hate right now.
      • Someone on William's latest MoviePilot post said "What's really funny about this is that you thought Wall-E, Up. and Toy Story 3 were all good movies"... Yeah. Sure.
    • Damien's glowing review to put on the Cars 2 DVD box: "It's not as horrible as I remembered."
  • How excited we are for Toy Story of Terror!
  • One of DisneyToon's new Tinkerbell films will star Tom Hiddleston as a young Captain Hook.
    • Munir has another animation vendetta. This time it's against DisneyToon.
    • Could they not have given Loki a better film?
  • Our collective disinterest in Planes: Fire & Rescue.
    • Mayra's contribution to Disney's Planes marketing campaign: "I wanted to end my life."
    • John Lasseter's hand in the Cars franchise and extended universe.
  • Recap of what we know about Disney's Get a Horse short film.
  • Confirmation of Disney's Zootopia.
    • Our excitement for the film.
    • Similarities to Robin Hood and Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  • Munir wonders which animated films we're most excited for next year.
    • Mayra's Rotoscopers sacrilege.
    • Munir tells Mayra off.
The Lone Ranger discussion [00:58:21]
  • Mayra offers up another sterling review: "This film didn't make me angry."
  • Damien was a little more positive than that.
  • Mayra and Munir have got a bit of Johnny Depp fatigue.
Breaking Bad and Doctor Who discussion [01:04:08]
  • Munir and William discuss Series 5 Episode 9 and Episode 10 of Breaking Bad.
  • Mayra explains why she stopped watching.
  • But don't worry, in terms of spoilers, we tread lightly.
  • Damien and William talk about the announcement that Peter Capaldi will be the twelfth Doctor. [01:11:39]
Despicable Me 2 review [01:13:41]
  • The film's spectacular box-office run and its beating down on other animated films.
    • Monsters U didn't do as well as peple expected it to; DreamWorks' Turbo never got started.
      • Mayra liked Turbo. Munir didn't.
  • Minions, minions, minions. How Despicable Me 2 shifted the focus from Gru to the minions for Minions.
    • What we think of Minions so far.
      • "They will have an actual plot, versus being part of the plot."
    • Damien grouches.
  • Fun, goofy, hilarious: we think Despicable Me 2 is basically just one big feature length cartoon.
  • Comparisons to Despicable Me 1 and Monsters University.
    • Munir almost forgets that this is the "spoiler-free" section.
    • We have a diverse range of views on the matter. Meaning, we all kinda disagree.
  • Spoiler-filled section [01:31:51]:
    • We thought the film was a little segmented.
    • William really liked the villain. No one else agrees.
      • The villain was originally being voiced by Al Pacino. Now that would have been funny.
    • Our favourite minion moments.
    • Listener opinions.
  • Our ratings [01:44:40]
  • Our next show will be a Disney Renaissance special, and that will be out next month.
Recorded Sunday 20th August, 2013. Runtime 01:47:17, 98.2 MB


Official description for the episode: From the animation news, views, reviews and interviews site,, comes the A113Animation Podcast! Hosted by William Jardine, and co-hosted by a rotating team of Damien Chevrier, Munir Abedrabbo, Nadine Shambrook and Mayra Amaya, join us as we discuss everything animated - and a lot more besides.

On episode 4 of the A113Animation podcast, William is again joined by Damien and Munir, with Mayra Amaya making her podcast debut. The multinational quartet had a lot to talk about on this special double feature episode of the show. The news section this week is a big one, solely devoted to the animation news and announcements to come out of Disney's recent D23 expo. Then this week's film is Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me 2 - that review is again split into clearly marked spoiler-free and spoiler-filled sections. As per usual, we don't stay entirely on topic, and the episode also features discussions of the latest episodes of Breaking Bad and the recent big Doctor Who announcement. For all that and a little bit of friendly bickering, listen to and download episode 4 of the A113Animation Podcast now!

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