Tuesday 7 April 2015

Sony Pictures Animation Announces 'The Lamb'

Variety reports that Sony Pictures Animation is currently developing a feature film called The Lamb. It will be directed by Timothy Reckart, who was nominated for an Academy Award with his stop-motion short Head Over Heels (2012).

The story is about a young sheep whose destiny is to change the world, says Variety. While Reckart's big break was in stop-motion, The Lamb will be a CG feature. It will be produced by DeVon Franklin, based on an original idea by Tom Sheridan.

Here's what Timothy Reckart had to say about the film:
“I can’t imagine a more exciting project for my animated feature debut. The story is profound and moving, the characters have deep, powerful desires, the pastoral imagery is gorgeous, and it’s a film that can only be done in animation. And I also get to work with DeVon Franklin and the team at Sony Pictures Animation, who have been so supportive of my efforts to develop a bold, creative direction for the project.”
It looks like the director is going for something fresh and different from what Sony Pictures Animation has done in the past - which is good news, as originality is always welcomed. If you want a taste of Timothy Reckart's style, you can watch the teaser for Head Over Heels below:

Sony hasn't announced a release date yet.


  1. I absolutely loved "Head Over Heels" a few years ago! Very charming and inventive short. And the film sounds interesting!

  2. Yup. Intriguing project, to say the least.