Wednesday 1 April 2015

[Updated: April Fool's Joke] Frozen 2 Will Be Live Action

Big surprise! You remember Frozen 2 was officially announced earlier this month by Walt Disney Animation Studios? Well it turns out the decision-makers at the top of the studio had a sudden change of heart. But don't worry, Frozen 2 hasn't been cancelled -- instead, it's going to be turned into a live action film. More below.

Variety reports that following the recent success of the live action Cinderella (which went on to gross over $67M on its opening weekend), Disney believes that an animated Frozen 2 would be a huge mistake. The fairy tale loosely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen will therefore join the ever-growing list of live action re-imaginations currently in production at Disney; a list that includes MulanBeauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book and Dumbo.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, directors of the original Frozen and the Frozen Fever short will apparently remain in charge of the sequel. This will be their first foray into live action film-making.
According to Variety, the actors currently playing the Frozen characters in ABC's Once Upon a Time won't reprise their respective roles in the live action feature. Instead, Emma Watson is being eyed to play Anna, while Jennifer Lawrence is in talks for the part of Elsa.
Josh Gad will be Olaf once more but this time through performance capture. And it looks like his character will play a key part in the story, as the title of the sequel is rumoured to be Frozen 2: Olaf Action.

In related news, A113Animation will soon become A113LiveAction. We want to keep up with that latest Disney trend, and it feels like the right thing to do. Check out our new logo below.

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  1. I genuinely believed this at first... It's sad that this seems like something they'd legitimately do, lol.

  2. Munir Abedrabbo2 April 2015 at 15:00

    Very clever April Fools news! That this could be true just make it a tad depressing haha.