Wednesday 15 April 2015

Could 'Riley's First Date' Be the Short on the 'Inside Out' Blu-Ray?

We already reported that Josh Cooley would be directing an Inside Out related short film, which will be available as a bonus feature on the feature film Blu-Ray later this year. Now, it appears that Stitch Kingdom got its hands on the title of said short: it could be called Riley's First Date. More below.

Josh Cooley

The name of the short comes from an MPAA ratings release. The short was rated G, and Riley's First Date linked with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Which means it won't be released in theaters in front of another Disney film. It could accompany another Disney Blu-Ray, but it seems very unlikely that Pixar would produce two shorts set in the Inside Out universe for two distinct home video releases in the same year.
Riley's First Date will almost certainly be the Josh Cooley short film; all we need now is some kind of official announcement from Disney/Pixar.

Josh Cooley will next co-direct Toy Story 4 with John Lasseter.

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