Tuesday 9 July 2013

Aardman News 14 - Morph Set for a Return?

Some interesting Aardman ramblings emerged yesterday, via studio co-founder and Chicken Run and Pirates! director, Peter Lord. Lord tweeted (as embedded below) that he'd been in meetings about one of Aardman's earlier creations, the little plasticine fella who goes by the name Morph.

Morph may be a little obscure to American audiences, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a Brit who doesn't know who he is. Less detailed and characterised than Wallace and/or Gromit, Morph first appeared on our TV screens with the late Tony Hart, way back in 1977. He was later joined by a more rambunctious cream coloured pal, Chas. Morph et al are more fourth wall breaking than other Aardman creations, morphing (hence the name) into various other shapes. Morph and Chas are most recognisable to children of the 90s (like myself) as appearing on CBBC's SMart from '94.

There can't be a British 90s kid amongst you who can tell me this doesn't make
 you feel nostalgic.

As you can see above, Lord was curious to gague Twitter's interest about seeing a comeback for the character - and it's safe to say the interest was definitely there. What happens from here, we don't know, but it seems the creator's keen, fans are keen, and, heck, so is Morph! Whether this return would transpire in the form of a full TV show, more little skits or something else, - or whether it'll happen at all - is something only time will tell though.

Pirates! author Gideon Defoe also weighed in with a potential crossover into Warner Bros.'s The Lego Movie:

Would you be interested in seeing Morph back on TV? Or anywhere else? Sound off and let us know in the comments section!

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