Thursday 18 July 2013

Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 5

Last time on Futurama, A Swan Song : Week 4. Prepare now to be spoiled and mini-reviewed, as we enter Week 5.

Saturday Morning Fun Pit
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The President of Earth, Richard Nixon's head, spends his Saturday morning watching cartoons at the White House, despite the protest of angry viewers on his lawn. Each cartoon is a parody of a famous animated show where the Futurama characters are reinvented: Scooby-Doo becomes Bendee Boo and The Mystery Crew, Strawberry Shortcake for Purpleberry Pond, and G.I. Joe for G.I. Zapp.
This is one of the segmented episodes, where there are three little stories instead of a big one. While Futurama had great success with some of these (Anthologies of Interest, Reincarnation), the show also did some weak ones (The Futurama Holiday Spectacular, Naturama). So, in which category does this one figure? Sadly, it's in the latter. The Scooby-Doo parody, in particular, isn't very funny and lacks in ideas. It gets better with the two other segments, for example with Nixon's head editing out the violence from G.I. Zapp. But Saturday Morning Fun Pit is still a big disappointment for me.
Favourite Quote
Amy: "It all makes sense! He knew that if he scared the Globetrotters away from the big basketball game, disappointed fans would flock to his kabuki theatre!"
Hermes: "Of course!"
George Takei: "No, that's not why I did it."
Fry: "Then, like, why did you do it?"
George Takei: "I'm mentally ill."

7 episodes left…

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