Tuesday 30 July 2013

Two Animation Cels from Disney's Get a Horse! Short

"Here Comes Trouble: Peg-Leg Pete interrupts Mickey Mouse and his favorite gal pal Minnie in this
 animation cel as they delight in a musical haywagon ride."

Disney have released two "vintage animation cels" from their beguiling new/old Mickey Mouse short, Get a Horse!, which is tipped to play before Frozen in November.

The short premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival last month but has been kept tightly under wraps by the Mouse House. From what little we know about it, Mickey Mouse is voiced by Walt Disney himself, and the film features some previously-lost, since-restored animation done decades ago. You can see that lively, classical animation in full force in these beautiful cels.

"Music Is In the Air: An animation cel showcases Mickey Mouse as he invites his
 favorite gal pal Minnie to join him on a musical haywagon ride in Walt Disney
Animation Studios’ never-before-seen short “Get A Horse!”

The film ostensibly combines the restored hand-drawn animation with CG; Animation World Network said the short sees Mickey, Minnie and co. being "literally chased from the minimalist black and white 2D animated world of 1928 into the boldly colored, stereoscopic 3-D and CG world of 2013."

Get a Horse! is directed by Disney's restoration chief Lauren MacMullan (which makes just what the film is even more enigmatic) and produced by Dorothy McKim. The short will premiere for select North American audiences at Disney's D23 expo next week.

"Featuring Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey, “Get A Horse!” is a black-and-white, hand-drawn theatrical short that makes its North American debut in 10 days."

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