Thursday 11 July 2013

Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 4

Previously on our Futurama, A Swan Song column : Week 3. Stay tuned, as another mini-review unfolds before your very eyes. Right now.

The Inhuman Torch
As Seen At The 1939 World's Fair

The Planet Express crew goes on a rescue mission to the sun, in which Bender becomes a fire-fighter hero. So when they return to New New York, the gang evolves from the delivery business to fire-fighting. But there is a troubling pattern going through all their missions: Bender was in every place the squad had to intervene, before the fire started. Could Bender be setting fires for his own glory?
Another Bender-centric episode. That makes two in a row. I don't have anything against the character - in fact, I think he is one of the funniest on Futurama - but more Bender often means less Zoidberg, Professor etc… Equally interesting characters to my eyes, who aren't given the same attention as Bender. That being said, this episode is maybe more a Bender/Fry-centric episode than just a Bender episode. And it is good. Probably not the most surprising episode that the show has offered us in its 9 broadcast seasons, but it's an enjoyable adventure, complete with vampires, a quick visit through all the floors of the Planet Express building, and a quite touching ending.
Favourite Quote
The New New York Times title : "Hero robot thwarts ironic fire in hell"

8 episodes left…

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