Sunday 28 July 2013

This Week on A113Animation (22nd - 28th July, 2013)

This has been a rather slow week for news over here at A113Animation, particularly after the trailer-iness and Comic-Con-ly goodness of recent weeks. That said, we did get a few really cool teaser posters for some of the upcoming films that have us most excited, and a little bit of Star Wars news and Pixar stuff. We've also got your latest features and another new editorial about Toy Story director John Lasseter. Check out the rather slim breakdown of the past seven days below.


Pete Docter talks Inside Out with THR: With Monsters University out of the way, eyes are turning towards Pixar's coming years; this week, Up director Pete Docter spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his next film, set inside of a little girl's mind, Inside Out. The director said the film is "one of the most challenging stories" he's ever tackled; read more about that, the story and the animation of Pixar's first film of 2015, here.
Poster for Mr. Peabody & Sherman: This wasn't a particularly exciting week for animation news, but it did bring a collection of cool new posters; the first of these was for DreamWorks' Mr. Peabody & Sherman. The Rob Minkoff-directed film features the voice of Modern Family's Ty Burrell and The Amazing Spider-Man's Max Charles, and is due out in March, 2014. Check out the stylish new teaser poster here.

Poster for Frozen: Disney continued their ever-increasing publicity push for Frozen with a big new UK poster for the film, featuring Olaf the snowman. While English-language advertising is more and more focusing on the comic side of the film, rather than the epic side that foreign advertising is honing in on, it still looks like a visual delight. A new trailer is expected some time in the next month or so, in the meantime, check out the poster here.

Logo and designs for Star Wars Rebels TV series: With Star Wars Celebration going on in Europe this week, former Star Wars: The Clone Wars helmer Dave Filoni revealed a cool new logo and a couple of pieces of great concept art for Lucasfilm Animation's new TV series, Star Wars Rebels. The show takes place in the previously-unexplored era between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and debuts on Disney Channel next fall. Have a look at all the cool Rebels-y stuff here.
Poster for Saving Mr. Banks: The best poster of the week had to be this legacy-casting one for Mary Poppins true-life story, Saving Mr. Banks. The poster shows Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) casting the shadow of Mickey Mouse and author P.L. Travers casting the shadow of the soon to be cinematically-captured nanny. It's minimalistic, and it's great. Check out the poster here.
Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron rumoured for Star Wars: Episode VII: It seems that hardly a week goes by that we don't hear rumours that some big-name star is rumoured to be in or wants to be in the latest Star Wars film. This week's contribution is that the Drive and High School Musical actors are rumoured to be in contention for J.J. Abrams's first entry into the Star Wars sequel trilogy. At least part of the rumours seem to be untrue though, but check out the full story here.


Disney Retrospective, The Little Mermaid: Munir's ongoing Disney Retrospective column has left the dark ages of the early 80s and entered the halcyon days of the Renaissance this week. First he introduced us to the era (here) and then he offered up his review of the first classic of the period, 1989's The Little Mermaidhere. Be sure to check out the review of what Munir calls "one of Disney's best and most appealing classics"!
Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 6: Six weeks in, six weeks left, Damien reviews the latest episode of the final series of Futurama. This latest episode featured the revival of Calculon and, in Damien's eyes, was a marked improvement over last week's not-that-impressive episode, thinking that it "says something about leaving while you're on top of your game - something Futurama might do very soon." Check out the full mini-review here.


Editorial: Thank you, Mr. Lasseter: Munir dished up another editorial this week, exploring Walt Disney Animation Studios' spectacular comeback since 2007 and the one man he thinks is most key to it, Disney and Pixar Chief Creative Officer, John Lasseter. In times when lots of people are being rather critical of him - particularly given the recent Brave fiasco - Munir puts forward why Lasseter's influence is nothing but a good thing. Give it a read and let us know what you think here.

Episode 3 of the A113Animation Podcast, talking about recent animated trailers, Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim, and Monsters University, will be up later this week. In the meantime, check out my review of Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim here.

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