Tuesday 24 March 2015

Watch: 'Inspector Gadget' Reboot Trailer

Go-Go-Gadget Trailer! A reboot of the TV series Inspector Gadget is coming to Netflix very soon, and a trailer for it just dropped. Watch it below.

The original Inspector Gadget revolved around a clumsy detective who always manages to save the day against all odds, thanks to his gadgets (but really thanks to his incredible luck and allies). 
This new iteration of the animated series looks to be based on the same recipe. All iconic characters are back as you can see in the trailer: Gadget's niece Penny, Brain the dog, Chief Quimby and even the villainous and mysterious Doctor Claw.
What's not back is the traditional animation, which was replaced by an unoriginal and mediocre CG look.

Netflix US will launch the 26-episode series of the rebooted Inspector Gadget this Friday 27th March. The show will arrive in other territories later. The Canadian company DHX Media is producing it.

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