Wednesday 11 March 2015

Tron 3 is Happening

VanCity Buzz first reported that a sequel to the 2010 Disney film Tron Legacy would be shooting in Vancouver this upcoming fall. According to the Canadian website, Garrett Hedlund will return as Sam Flynn; and Badass Digest dug a little deeper and revealed that the director of Tron Legacy Joseph Kosinski would also be back.

This pretty much comes out of nowhere and is a somewhat surprising news since the 2010 movie didn't make a lot of money. But this will come as a good news for fans of the saga - which debuted with the CGI game-changer Tron in 1982 - as it should provide a good opportunity to explore this universe on a different level and close the story in a more satisfying way.

We don't know yet if Jeff Bridges, whose character Kevin Flynn was the lead in the original film and played an important part in Tron Legacy will return; Olivia Wilde who played Quorra in the second film hasn't been confirmed either, but it would be surprising to not see her in this new movie.

Are you interested in this new Tron film?


  1. I'm a huge Tron fan and have been wishing for Tron 3 since I saw Legacy, so this news comes as a very welcome surprise. Given Disney's recent infatuation with live-action remakes of their animated classics, I honestly didn't think we would be getting another Tron movie anytime soon, but I am thrilled to hear that the film seems to be well on its way.

  2. Yep, I'm very happy about it too. Even if it's a sequel, at least it's something that we want. Tron Legacy's ending asked for a follow-up, and this new film has the potential to be a great one.