Tuesday 10 March 2015

Josh Cooley to Direct an 'Inside Out' Short - Co-Direct 'Toy Story 4'

Josh Cooley

Stitch Kingdom noticed that a Variety post called '10 Animators to Watch' spilled the beans on some upcoming Pixar projects; the animator to watch in Pixar seems to be Josh Cooley, as he apparently just finished directing a short film set in the world of Inside Out, and will be co-director on Toy Story 4.

If Variety is right about the short being an extra on the Blu-Ray, then this is good news for Pixar fans; the Emeryville studio was familiar with these kind of gifts in the past, but that tradition somehow got lost in the last few years. It began with Mike's New Car, on the Monsters, Inc. DVD. After that, Jack-Jack Attack, a deleted scene from The Incredibles became a short film on the feature's DVD. Then came Mater and the Ghostlight (with Cars), Your Friend the Rat (Ratatouille) BURN·E (WALL·E), Dug's Special Mission (Up) and The Legend of Mord'u (Brave). Weirdly enough, Toy Story 3, Cars 2 and Monsters University didn't have a new short on their Blu-Rays.

And Josh Cooley being a co-director on Toy Story 4 is another Pixar tradition; a director there is rarely alone at the helm, and some of the biggest names of the studio today (Lee Unkrich, Andrew Stanton) were co-directors before they took the leadership of their own film.

Here is what Josh Cooley had to say about his new position: “When I first saw Toy Story I was amazed by the groundbreaking computer-generated animation. But it was the strong storytelling that kept me coming back. Toy Story 4 will continue that tradition and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!”

Are you happy about the Inside Out Blu-Ray having a new short? What are your thoughts on Toy Story 4?

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